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DC solar refrigerator M1400 - 12V

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DC solar refrigerator M1400 for garden houses, camping, cottages, bungalows, caravans, mobile shops.
SF1400 solar refrigerator is ready for use product. Designed on the principle "Plug & Play" ie not necessary installation by a specialist, it is enough to mount PV modules and connecting cables. You can use the camera in the refrigerator or garden houses, camping, villas, bungalows and mobile applications such as motorhomes and Cantini.


Package Contents:

  • Refrigerator of high quality parts with a total volume of 141l.
  • Polycrystalline solar module 145Wp - 2 pcs.
  • Mount solar module - 2
  • "Energy box" in which the components are mounted:
  • 12V 100Ah battery unit -1br.
  • Controller Steca PRS2020 12 / 24V, 20 A-1pc.
  • DC protections
  • Solar cable with connectors 2 x 10 m

Advantages of the system:

  • The kit contains all the parts to be translated immediately in the refrigerator operation
  • Easy to install by non-professionals, the system is made on principle "PLUG & PLAY"
  • Autonomy in the absence of solar irradiation 2 days of battery backup.
  • Practical stainless steel handle with integrated opening mechanism.
  • Reversible door opening.
  • Possibility of installation close to the wall and can be build due to frontal ventilation.
  • Adjustable support legs front and transport rollers and handles back.
  • CE declaration
  • All components are designed and manufactured in Europe.


  • Stationary use in garden houses, camping, cottages, bungalows and others.
  • Mobile use motorhomes, caravans, Cantini and others.
  • Ideal for areas without grid established
  • Suitable for use in all climates


  • 10 years  warranty - for the solar panels
  • 5 years warranty - for the solar charge controller
  • 1 year warranty - for the battery unit and refrigerator


France, Europe